Being Calmer Model © 

When you become the calming influence inside the chaos,

the chill factor becomes your X factor!

The Being Calmer Model © is a lifestyle and consists of six practical Principles that capture both preventative & coping actions to calm our stress, worries and fears.  The six Principles are Certainty, Activity, Laughter, Mindfulness, Empathy and Rest.  
The Being Calmer Model & Principles © have evolved from neuroscience, evidence-based research, and lived experiences.  Each Principle includes multiple strategies, actions and solutions that can be built to suit specific training and coaching programs, group workshops, presentations and talks.  The Principles remain the same, while the content is tailored to maximise value for the client.
The Principles help when you’re under the pump and feeling anxious, worried, scared, lack focus & attention, can't make a decision, or feel exhausted being trapped in negative thoughts or your problems.  Think about the times you feel paralysed, overwhelmed, helpless or stuck.
The Principles also provide a daily dose to help balance out the build up of stress, worries and pressure over time, which often isn't obvious until we reach tipping point and tend to explode, retreat or lie in the fetal position.
These lifestyle principles help us achieve and solve problems in our workplaces and relationships, playing sport, leading teams, studying at university and school, learning new skills, planning and decisions, starting a small business and the list goes on.  
Anywhere you think and feel something, the six Principles help you be the calming influence on yourself and the people around you.
While Being Calmer doesn’t solve every problem in our lives, the Principles are a strong foundation for finding solutions to your problems, and supporting the health and wellbeing of you and the people around you.

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Being Calmer Model & Principles ©
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