Garry (Gaz) Mills is the Director of Garry Mills Peak Performance. He is a former police officer and bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other world leaders, leading complex and challenging operations both in Australia and overseas. His experience and expertise includes public sector executive, specialist teams training manager, Team Australia athlete in an international outdoor sports & survival TV series, radio presenter, and Ironman triathlete.

Gaz is a certified i4 Neuroleader Trainer (brain science stuff) and coach, sharing neuroscience, evidence-based research, his practical expertise and stories to improve the mental performance, wellbeing and leadership of people, teams, organisations and communities. His clients include executives, professional athletes, teams, small businesses, government departments and emerging leaders in organisations.

His philosophy is simple. Share the stuff he’s learned and lived to help as many people as he can. He has been described as calm, open and genuine. He creates space for people to contribute, reflect, share and clarify. Gaz’s style is interactive and relaxed with humour, helping people feel at ease to ask questions and interact freely in groups. Gaz is a member of Beyond Blue’s Speaker Bureau, sharing his story to increase awareness & understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia, and to reduce the associated stigma. An endurance athlete for many years, he believes that managing our mental health is the toughest endurance test of our lives.

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"Leadership and Wellbeing is not rocket science.

It's brain science." ®

Gaz Mills