Garry Mills


Garry’s philosophy is simple.  Share the stuff he’s learned and lived to help as many people as he can.  He achieves this as a recognised consultant, facilitator, coach, presenter, speaker, and MC.  Garry has been described as calm, open and genuine. He creates space for people to contribute, reflect, share and clarify.  Garry’s style is interactive and relaxed with humour, helping people feel at ease to ask questions and interact freely.

Garry is a former police officer and bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other world leaders.  His achievements include leading complex security operations both in Australia and overseas.


Garry is a keynote speaker on mental health for Beyond Blue and an Ironman triathlete.  He describes representing Australia as an athlete in an outdoor survival competition and Reality TV series filmed in Bali, as a pivotal time in his life.  


He also draws on his experiences in the public service executive, as a training manager,  jackaroo, screen actor, radio presenter, and Ironman triathlete.  

Sachi shows me every day that the simple things in our lives are often the best. Food, water, lots of cuddles, a daily walk and the occasional treat all add up to unconditional love from Sachi and a very happy dog.

Every day I'm home I get so much joy from Sachi. Her Health & Wellbeing Program is exemplary x​xx

My VISION is to add value to as many lives as possible  

Your Peak Performance is my MISSION