A new perspective on the shit in our lives is needed to become a calmer influence inside the chaos!

Understanding how to manage the shit in our lives gives us the mental and physical confidence to adjust the amount of shits we give about our external situations and internal experiences


This understanding leads to more than coping and surviving, but less than a shit-free life.  

No one gets away without the shit but we can learn to give less time and energy to the low value shitty stuff.  This frees us to give more time and energy to the shit that really matters, or what I call our high value shit.

To do this we accept there will always be shit in the lives of 7.8 billion people on our planet.  

We challenge the bullshit around perfection and stop playing it safe just to fit in or avoid rocking the boat.

We still do what we think is right even if sometimes shit doesn't work out as planned or go our way.  And we accept that not everyone digs our shit or who we are. We also own our shit without taking on everyone else's shit as our own.


To make this shit work we need to develop and connect three unique mindsets.  Working together these mindsets shift our perspective to become a calmer influence inside the chaos.  

And that's good shit for you and everybody around you.  It is not rocket science.  It's brain science.

"During this offseason and preseason I've been working with Gaz Mills on the mental side of my game. 


So far it's been awesome."

Maitlan Brown

Professional Cricketer 

Australia, ACT Meteors

& Melbourne Renegades

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"Leadership and Wellbeing is not rocket science.

It's brain science." ®

Gaz Mills