Leadership and wellbeing is not rocket science.
It's brain science.® 

Understanding your brain and how to improve its performance will help you show up with greater mental, physical & spiritual confidence.

Neurocoaching is the integration of neuroscience breakthroughs into coaching by applying it in a practical way for you to use in your personal and professional life.


I coach, train & mentor executives, professional athletes, emerging leaders, small business and various groups across industries and government. testimonials  clients


Neuroscience, evidence-based research, practical tools and stories are the foundations of my workshops & programs, helping people, teams & organisations improve their leadership, performance and mental health.

Why is this important?

Although none of us gets away without challenges and crap in our lives, we can learn to give less time and energy to the things that trap us.  

We then discover we have more time and energy to give to what really matters.




Improving your outlook, mental attitude and performance

isn't rocket science.  It's brain science.  

Unless you're a rocket scientist.  Then it's both.

"During this offseason and preseason I've been working with Gaz Mills on the mental side of my game. 


So far it's been awesome."

Maitlan Brown

Professional Cricketer 

Australia, ACT Meteors

& Melbourne Renegades

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