Leadership and wellbeing is not rocket science.
It's brain science.® 

Understanding our brain and how

to influence it, helps us show up with greater mental, physical & spiritual confidence.

I'm a Neurocoach, which means I blend neuroscience breakthroughs with coaching  to deliver practical strategies you can use in any area of your life.


I coach, guide & mentor executives, professional athletes, emerging leaders, small businesses and groups across diverse industries & government.

testimonials  clients

"During this offseason and preseason I've been working with Gaz Mills on the mental side of my game. 

So far it's been awesome."

Maitlan Brown

Professional Cricketer 

Australia, NSW Breakers

& Sydney Sixers


My coaching, workshops & online programs are interactive, insightful and fun.  They blend neuroscience, life experience, storytelling, research and practical strategies that offer unique and engaging opportunities for our personal & professional growth.

My fascination with understanding the human brain has led to the most positive & insightful breakthroughs in my life. I share all of this to help as many people as I can.


It's why I continue to dedicate so much time, study and energy to understanding as much as I can about influencing our brain to take more control of who we are, what we think or feel, and why we do what we do.

Becoming a calmer influence inside the chaos is not rocket science. It's brain science.  

Unless you're a rocket scientist.  Then it's both.

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