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Leadership & wellbeing is not rocket science. It’s brain science.

Garry founded his company Garry Mills Peak Performance in 2017. Through his key partnerships with like-minded companies, he delivers leadership, wellbeing and human performance workshops and consulting across Australia and in South-East Asia.

Everyone needs someone in their corner and in particular Senior Leaders, where it can be lonely at the top. Consigliere is a 17th Century Italian word used to describe a person who serves as a trusted advisor or counselor to the leader of an organisation. In this role, Garry creates a safe place for a leader to openly & honestly reflect, bounce ideas, unpack norms & bias, be vulnerable, share their fears and discuss opportunities. Garry is a leader's sounding board & confidant.

A Company CEO leading 500+ people and current client stated, "Garry has provided Executive level 360 services, neurobiology based leadership and wellbeing program and on a personal level, has become a great asset to my own leadership as a trusted advisor.”

Garry is an i4 Partner with The About My Brain Institute (AMBi). This partnership delivers neurobiology-based leadership & wellbeing programs to transform organisations and communities from somewhere many people are just surviving, to where they can thrive. The About my Brain Institute develops brain-friendly leaders, teams and cultures through transformational experiences, digital tools and practical leadership training.

Garry is a former police officer and bodyguard to the Australian Prime Minister and other world leaders. His achievements include leading complex security operations both in Australia and overseas. Garry is a keynote speaker for Beyond Blue’s Ambassador and Speaker Bureau, sharing his story to increase awareness & understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia.

He is an Ironman triathlete and describes representing Australia as an athlete in an outdoor survival competition and reality TV series filmed in Bali, as a pivotal time in his life. It was a game-changing moment for starting his own company after his service as police officer and public service executive for over 20 years.

Garry partnership with clients and joint ventures in Australia and Asia include WorkSafe Tasmania, Australian National University, The Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, YMCA, National Youth Science Forum, numerous government departments, Global Education Alliance Hong Kong, Origo’s Education Group Asia, Blokepedia, the Hong Kong Commercial Chamber Ltd and within the small business community.

I am proud to support Beyond Blue as a member of the Speakers bureau, sharing my story to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma. 


Beyond Blue's vision is an Australian community that understands anxiety and depression, empowers people to seek help, and supports recovery, management and resilience.


Beyond Blue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation and works across a range of settings and brings together expertise in order to provide information and programs to support those affected by anxiety and depression, and improve the mental health of every person in Australia.


Learn more about anxiety and depression, or talk it through with Beyond Blue's support service.


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